In a globalised world with sensitive environmental issues where humanity tries to fit within the spaces that we share with other living beings, Imperium Urbis will make a difference through providing an enhanced identity to places and spaces within cities and nature. Through sustainable design and green technologies we'll provide a sense of uniqueness to spaces and communities, unique to a place that is strong enough to create an identity and most importantly spaces that will be embraced by the community.

Our landscapes require a special focus as they can provide and enable a positive experience for the communities who live in cities. We at Imperium Urbis are always going to look into bringing people and spaces together and back to nature and create spaces that are beneficial for both natural environment and cities.

We shall set the roots of cities using proximity as a means of efficiency. Through our designs we’ll promote and settle a green way of living that communities and families will enjoy for generations.

Everyone should have the right to easily accessible open spaces just as they have the right to clean water. Everyone should have the right to see a tree from their window or sit on a bench close to their home with a play space for children, or to walk to a park within 10 minutes. Well designed spaces inspire the people who live around them whilst poorly designed one brutalise the visitors.

We shape landscapes and they shape us.

An experienced landscape architect does not leave the answers to chance. Each detail, no matter how special or unprecedented , is designed in conformance with universal, timeless patterns that, given competent execution on the construction site, virtually guarantee satisfactory performance. The experienced landscape architect employes all these patterns automatically when designing details. With these principles in mind we make sure our clients benefit the most comprehensive and exact details in order to achieve the result they expect.