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We are a multidisciplinary landscape practice actively working in the following sectors:

1.    Public realm, regeneration, streetscapes and place making

2.    Public parks and Open spaces

3.    Natural and sustainable environments

4.    Residential developments

5.    Retail and commercial

6.    Industrial sites and Green Energy fields

7.    Hotels, resorts and tourism

8.    Education and play

9.    Sports and Leisure

10. Transport and Infrastructure

For each of the above we deliver a wide range of projects to include everything that is needed by our clients for their development projects:

1.    Site analysis and data interpretation

2.    Feasibility studies and landscape development opportunities

3.    Conceptual and detailed design for small to large developments

4.    Masterplanning and Development assistance

5.    Hard and Soft landscape detailing to include

          a. Construction detailing,

          b. Planting plans,

          c. Drainage and SUDS

6.    Habitat creation and restoration

7.    Historic Parks and Gardens - Rehabilitation and Restoration

8.    Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments 

9.    Environmental Impact Assessments

10. Green Infrastructure for new developments or retrofitted schemes

11. Retrofitted SUDS schemes

12. Public realm and landscape strategies

13. Urban design and Urban landscapes

14. Design and Access Statements

15. Design Coding

16. Specification and tendering documentation

17. Landscape Maintenance Plans and Maintenance Calendars

18. Green roofs and green walls 

19. Playgrounds and Schools recreational facilities

20. Inclusive playground design

21. Indoor landscapes and plant displays

22. Support for projects at public consultations

23. High quality graphic design to support public presentations and media appearance.

24. Temporary or permanent Art installations and Art commissions.


Project delivery:

-       Contract administration

-       Project management

-       Site inspections and construction sites supervision

-       Support for planning applications 

Additional activities:

-       Graphic design for landscape related projects

-       Commercial graphic design and media campaigns for landscape projects and presentations

-       Design presentations using 3D graphics 

-       Visualisations of existing or proposed developments in 2D, 3D or hand sketches and drawings.


How we work

We have the experience of understanding the complex relationship between the client and the service provider whether it is about the private or public sector. We only work following the European and British regulations, policies, strategies and legislation with a very important focus on the environment.

We regularly advise clients on development potential for individual sites. We can look at a range of options and assess the multitude of factors in order to deliver the best proposals. Combining our skills of design, engineering, construction, horticulture and environment we take a holistic approach and try to maximise the value of every site from the smallest to large scale development.

Then we take everything to a detailed thinking and ensure for delivery of well thought and robust detailed design solutions.

We only use the best products and materials to suit every budget. Our construction drawings and planting plans are delivered to the smallest detail in keeping with the British Standards regulations.

We also comply with the new BIM (Building Information Modelling) regulations offering all the materials in electronic format to suit any contractor or public sector.

During the construction stage we make sure the project is delivered to standards and quality specified within the technical documentation. We monitor the works for both hard and soft landscape design and regularly provide advice and support on the appointment of main contractor, sub-contractors and the selection of materials and plants from nurseries. The implementation process is closely supervised through on-site inspections no matter the size of the development.

At the end of each project we provide full assessments of the final works. We also offer Maintenance and Management Plans and when required we offer Calendars of Works for Maintenance of all the soft areas for up to 10 years. That includes seasonal care and advices for specific after-care in order to preserve the character of the landscape that was provided through design.

If you have a query or you are interested in starting a project please contact us at:

+40 723 013 723

+40 723 011 723

or use the form provided on our website within Contact us section